About Us

EntranceAt Marco Polo, treat yourself to delicious, authentic Italian food. Look around. Taste sauces and food prepared from scratch in our kitchens. Let us pour a glass of wine for you and bring your favorite meal. At Marco Polo, step back in time to when things were a little simpler and there was always time for great food, family and friends.

Our cuisine sits plumb in the middle of a sea of traditions and influences, from the technique and finesse of the old world to the vitality of the new - fine attention to detail blended with bold flavors, and an attitude to match. Fastidious yet relaxed. The perfect balance. The quality of our ingredients shouts "Italian" for all the world to hear, and considered, elegant, gourmet executions present those ingredients in all their glory.

Exquisite food, an award winning wine list and bar, world-renowned service and the flexibility to meet your party planning needs: it's our special recipe for a perfect event always at Marco Polo.  

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